8 Common Causes of Testicular Pain

Most men cringe when they hear discussions about scrotum pain. Embarrassed to show vulnerability, they would rather ignore the pain and soldier on as the question ‘why do my balls hurt?’ lingers at the back of their mind. According to the CDC, almost all men will experience some form of testicular pain at some point in their lives. However, all pain is not the same. The following are the common causes of testicular pain.

1. Testicular Rupture

This condition occurs when the membrane around your testicle – tunica albuginea- is ripped as a result of external trauma. It may cause blood to leak into your scrotum. Depending on the extent of the rip, it can be very painful. A testicular rupture may be caused by an accident or sports-related injuries. If you suspect any kind of rip to your testes, make sure to visit the hospital within 72 hours for surgical treatment. There’s 80% chance of your testicle to be saved if you make it in time to see a doctor. It may literally save you a ball or two.

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